Welcome to the Afi Like Taffy website! I’m Afi, your on-site stylist & style guide to fashion forward looks. Despite challenges you may face dressing for any occasion, whether you are curvaceous or petite, wear a medical device (like me!) or not, I will be showing you how to accentuate your figure whilst minimizing your self-consciousness. I am your on demand stylist which means I can travel & style you for either a casual everyday look or special occasions!

With styling comes a level of influence. I’m now almost 3 years into my style and lifestyle influencer journey! As a stylist, I love to work with fashion brands and so far I’ve worked with activewear brand Lorna Jane, jewelry brand Gorjana, and diabetes fashion brand Myabetic. I’ve also worked with local brands such as Naked Rebellion! I absolutely love influencing and you can see a great deal of my styling on my social media!

Cheers & Best Wishes,
Afi Like Taffy