Rabbit Lover Costume

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays as it’s a kickstart to the festive season!

I’ve always loved dressing up to be honest with you in general as a stylist & influencer it’s the perfect gig. However, for one night out of the entire year one gets to embody someone else for the evening & that is exciting.

This year I was fortunate enough to be approached by 3 wishes.com for a collaborative Halloween post.

3 wishes is an online lingerie store with 20+ years of providing the ultimate array of costumes for both men & women, fantasy lingerie & accessories in all styles, fashions & sizes.

After perusing their plethora of sexy Halloween costumes from the tiger king costume to the Queen’s Assassin to the Ninja of darkness just to name a few, I finally found 2 perfect outfits. It was a toss up between Rabbit Lovers or Poison Ivy with my red hair as the motivator.

After running a poll with my followers asking what I was going to be, they finally guessed right & Rabbit Lover came to life!

I ordered my costume of a strapless two piece sequined corset with a lace up back and a long red sequined skirt with a high thigh slit. Then added White satin long gloves to complete the look.

The wardrobe stylist in me went & found strapless red platform heels & a push up bra as well as shape wear to get that full hour glass silhouette Jessica Rabbit encompasses. I also set up a makeup appointment with my amazing makeup Artist Glam by Keira to recreate a black Rabbit Lover look on me & VIOLA!

In the words of Jessica Rabbit, “I’m not bad, I was drawn this way”.

Didn’t everything come together perfectly?! Check it out below friends.

3 wishes not only provide outfits but now they provide matching masks with outfits so your mindful at all times which is amazing.

You should enter their weekly giveaways on Instagram of $100.00 & can possibly win, best wishes in finding your perfect Halloween outfit.

Thank you 3 wishes for my Rabbit lover costume, I’m all set with my themed outfit during Halloween & ready to kickstart the holiday season.

Stay safe & healthy friends,

Cheers & Beat Wishes,

Afi Like Taffy A.L.T