* About Afi like Taffy *

Hi, I’m Afi and yes, that’s Afi like Taffy! I am a stylist and contemporary brand ambassador located in Phoenix, Arizona with almost a decade of professional experience. I’m a Nigerian-born, London-bred, American-wed fashionista, who has always loved the art of dressing up! Growing up in a large family of 13 in Finchley, North London, I would help style my brothers & sisters for any occasion whether it was a casual trip to the park or a family celebration, there was always something there.

I’m extremely passionate about styling people because it brings out their brightest confidence and can be really empowering. As a type 1 diabetic and having lived with this condition for 8 years, I make it a priority to push myself further and make every moment count! I strongly believe in offering my clients the best version of myself as they deserve 100%. I can’t wait to get to know more about you!