* About Afi like Taffy *

Hi, I’m Afi and yes, that’s Afi like Taffy! I’m a Professional Stylist located in Scottsdale, Arizona with almost a decade of luxury styling experience in the Valley.

I’m a Nigerian-born, London-bred, American-wed fashionista, who has always loved the art of dressing up! My love of fashion derives from my father, an international business owner, growing up I would watch him order custom fabrics selecting fabulous colors, luxurious textures & patterns that would be created into bespoke suiting. That is how I fell in love with the joy of styling, seeing my dad’s confidence elevated, his stature higher with a newly crisp, finished outfit. This love of styling was ingrained in me as a child & still thrives as I take it through life now owning my own styling business & influencing as well.

I’m extremely passionate about styling people because it brings out their brightest confidence and can be really empowering. As a type 1 diabetic living with this hereditary condition for 9 years now, I’ve made it a priority to push myself further, every moment should count. I utilize my platform as a style & lifestyle influencer to do that educating & informing my audience about type 1 life but also empowering others like me to live beyond their conditions, there is no limit to what we can do. With that I strongly believe in offering my clients the best version of myself as they deserve 100%. I can’t wait to get to know more about you!