Renew Your Skin Renew Your Life!

That’s the motto of the skin care brand I’ve partnered with & it couldn’t be more right! Renew You Body Butters is needed by everyone. To be honest we all need a little self care in our lives especially now with the world being what it is.

I have been obsessing over this all natural black, female owned business that empowers the Goddess in us all for some time! So much so I had to collaborate with them a second time so you could see the amazing quality of their products.

Renew You Body Butters skin care line is luxurious, holistic, organic & vegan, all amazing aspects in my opinion.

They just came out with their Signature Facial Collection new 4oz skin care set (see above) which includes a facial wash, a facial toner & a moisturizer. However this signature facial collection set is also available in a mini travel sized version if you want to try it out first. See below.

Facial collection Mini Set
Complete Set Facial Collection 4oz (120 ml)

What a better way to unwind from a hard day at work? For me, I was coming off a traditional African themed photo shoot, getting home, and ready to wash & pamper the day away.

To explain, I was high on emotions being born in West Africa to celebrate my culture, I choreographed a traditional clothing wear photo shoot. It’s been a dream of mine that came to fruition to honor my culture & in honor of Black British Awareness Month.

So many emotions were going through my system – accomplishment, pride & the fact that all the hard work with my team paid off!

After filming it was just lovely to get home & smile in the mirror high off that adrenalin rush & start prepping to shut down for the day after a job well done. Grabbing their signature bottles to end my day, pushing the cap off the face wash & inhaling its unique musky scent. Pouring a quarter sized amount into the palm of my hand then lathering it up with running water from the faucet to massage into my face. That therapeutic feeling of washing away my makeup is just the best, truly a ritual to end the day. Rinsing that off then following it with their toner and moisturizer.

For the facial toner, as per the instructions on the back of the bottle, I shook the bottle well, inhaled that unbelievably intoxicating scent then soaked it in a cotton ball applying it to my freshly washed face smelling a darker scent which was equally brilliant then following that with their phenomenal moisturizer.

That’s when I feel my most best self, when my skin is renewed, makeup free and I’m in the comfort of my own home, free to renew my skin & in turn renew my life.

Use coupon code AFILIKETAFFY20 for a 20% discount when you shop on their website & be sure to give them a follow on Instagram (@renewyoubodybutters) so you can get updates on all new product launches!

Stay safe & healthy friends, Cheers & Cheerio,

Afi Like Taffy ALT