She is the best woman to go shopping with. My hype girl had everything set up, and I'm so excited to work with her again soon.

– Nafsika, Z

Afi is one of the sweetest and most helpful and stylish people I’ve ever known

“I met Afi through my work and would occasionally have the conversation about how I’ve always worn a uniform and struggle knowing how to dress like an adult for nice functions or, honestly, in general outside of comfy clothes. When I received an invitation to a formal wedding I knew that now was the time that I needed the most help. I already owned pieces of the outfit, the wide-leg pants, shoes, and bag, but had no idea which top to wear with it. Afi helped me figure out what colors would look great with my complexion, we leaned heavily on sage green, and also found some great prints. She did an amazing job making me feel comfortable trying new styles I would never pick on my own, always scouring for a deal and having racks ready at each store already. I ended up buying 5 of the tops we chose that day and for the wedding, I wore this beautiful sage green mock wrap top that I felt amazing in and received so many compliments on.

Being someone who’s never used this kind of service before so I don’t have anything to compare it to I didn’t know what to expect; I thought it might be stiff or weird, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is probably no one else I would ever go to for this and I’m not just saying that because we already had a relationship. Afi is one of the sweetest and most helpful and stylish people I’ve ever known. Please, she’s worth every penny and more. Let her help you become the most beautiful version of yourself.”

– Laura D.

De-lovely, Delectable and Divine

A personalized and curated shopping experience with Afi was like a B12 shot for my entire wardrobe and had a synergistic effect on my own creative juices, as well!

I’ve paged through magazines and scrolled through Instagram wondering what it would be like to have a personal stylist. Would they find things that accentuated my unique curves and proportions? Would they come up with items and outfits that I never would have even considered? Would they put entire outfits together that would stop a show? Well, alas, I thought, that’s only for Hollywood.

That was, until, I met Afi. What I thought wouldn’t happen in this lifetime was suddenly completely accessible to a normal girl in Scottsdale, AZ.

Afi took a full inventory of what my style preferences were, then actually scouted out all kinds of beautiful items before we even met, and then… and then we went SHOPPING! It was the best of both worlds for a type A social girl like me. I felt like I was on a shopping trip with a Bestie but without all of the lolly-gagging..We were two women on a mission and I relish the clothes to this day almost a year later.

If you’re planning on buying a handful of items for an upcoming season, it is so much more strategic and cost-effective to do it with Afi. I promise you will be a believer!

– Mary B.

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She provided styling tips and really helped me pull the looks together. If you are looking for a stylist hire her today!​

My experience with Afi was phenomenal! We met at a Modern Day Wife event in 2021! I am doing a Photoshoot this month for my business and wanted to make sure I looked professional, sophisticated, and overall feeling confident. It was kind of a last minute request, but she was able fit me in and took the time to learn what style I was looking for the photoshoot. We met at Nordstrom in Scottsdale and I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought I would try on maybe 2-3 outfits and decide from there. It was quite the opposite! I walked into a private fitting room and instantly felt like I was a Kardashian! I had about 10-12 looks” with multiple shirts and pants for each look, shoes carefully lined up, handbags, and jewelry. She provided styling tips and really helped me pull the looks together. If you are looking for a stylist hire her today! I can’t wait for my next opportunity to work with her!

– Shaunna C.

She provided styling tips and really helped me pull the looks together. If you are looking for a stylist hire her today!​

I’m a cowgirl and founder of a very busy non profit. I am on the go all the time and over the years my wardrobe has dwindled to consist of largely running clothes, blue jeans and my Hunkapi T Shirts. I couldn’t tell you what an “essential” piece of clothing was although I’d hear all the ladies I was around talking about them, which is in some ways quite embarrassing. Recently, I’ve been asked to give a number of speeches and to attend various community events which is both an honor and terrifying when I began to think about what I would wear that would be “appropriate” and also make me feel like me. 

I began scouring through Pinterest to try and identify trends I’d like but then became overwhelmed by how to shop to find it all and so I reached out to my favorite bubbly Brit, Afi with a white flag and humble heart asking for her support. 

She immediately soothed my terrified heart by quickly identifying what I was looking for and got me on her books in record time. 

I can’t even put to words what I experienced when I opened the curtain at Nordstrom and saw what she had pulled for me to try on. It was youthful screaming, giggling excitement rolled into a wave of curiosity, relief and wonder. I literally began dancing in each outfit that she put on me and realized that at each event I wore them to the least of my worries would be if I looked and felt good in what I was wearing- and that counts as a whole darn lot when you’re doing new, scary things as a woman! 

The experience was beyond my expectations. It saved me hours of time, was a bonding experience for me and my husband (who also loved the experience and picking shoes!) was flat out fun and taught me so much about how to put together outfits in the future. It turns out, this pony tailed cowgirl does have a sense of style and I owe it all to Afi like Taffy. A million cheers to that! 

– Terra. S

Working with Afi was the best thing I could do for my self-confidence

Afi helped utilize the clothes in my closet and put outfits together that complimented my trendy athleisure style. Now I always feel like I have something to wear for any occasion. Working with Afi was the best thing I could do for my self-confidence in addition to saving me time and money. Thanks to her expertise and stylish eye, I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe without purchasing a thing!

– Mandy H.

I can't recommend her enough to my family & all my friends!

Afi Like Taffy is an amazing Stylist, she brought color into my life & I was so scared of it for the longest time wearing neutrals working in a corporate environment & was told I needed to blend in with the boys & be taken seriously. However, she came in & encouraged me to wear a little more color at first but now I wear a bold color every day of the week with confidence to work & everyday life. I can’t recommend her enough to my family & all my friends!

– Lynne R.

Afi's expertise, wisdom, and approach is indispensable. I would highly recommend Afi to my friends and family

I cannot say enough amazing things about working with Afi. She took the time to get to know me and understand my goal in working with her. I am in a very transitional period in my life, which includes changing my career. I reached out to Afi to work with her in helping me to start curating a style and wardrobe that not only reflected my new trajectory in life; also, how I’ve grown and changed on the inside.

In our time together, I had received white glove service. I had an initial phone consultation with Afi to talk about what am I trying to achieve, what I love, and what I don’t love. I also was able to send her some inspirational content I had collected on social media of different aesthetics and vibes that I liked.

Afi took her time to understand why I liked something and would make micro-adjustments during our in person styling session. We worked in a private fitting room with outfits and accessories pulled and ready for me to try on. I didn’t have to go find anything off the racks myself (my least favorite part of shopping). She was there to chat through how an outfit made me feel and any new modifications adjustments that needed to be made for me to feel more comfortable. She even through in a few pieces that were pushing my edge of comfort to see what I liked or did not like about them. My pro tip, be brutally honest in how something makes you feel when you put it on. It is in that honest collaboration you will gain the most!

At the end of our time together, not only did I walk away with new pieces that I love, I also felt confident, sexy, and empowered wearing. I had a better understanding of how to style certain silhouettes that helped me to feel more empowered in evolving my style. Afi’s expertise, wisdom, and approach is indispensable. I would highly recommend Afi to my friends and family. I know I’ll be working with her again.

– Lisa G