A little bit about me!

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Ello Lovies! My name’s Afi which sounds like Taffy and that is how i originally created this blog name. Working at a luxury brand with an unusual name like Afi & having that butchered every day was enough to make me go insane! Customers could never remember how to say, let alone pronounce it so I came up with a way to make it easier on them by making it rhyme & put a smile on their faces, hence Afi Like Taffy I am! 😉

Being a child of 13 siblings, it was always easier to take the attention away from my brothers & sisters and put the focus on myself as i was the only one without a twin in the first batch of 7 kids (3 sets of twins in first batch). With no twin to compete with and being the female doppelgänger of my dad, an international businessman, i loved to emulate his tip top style as he got the most genuine compliments wherever we went & that to me was acceptance of the highest form. He favored Italian designers whereas i gravitated towards french ones like Givenchy, Saint Laurent & Chanel.

I decided to start blogging as being in the fashion industry as a stylist for nearly 5 years, i feel i have so much to share & what a great platform to do it in. My very own page! Hooray!! I’m all about showcasing alternate looks of Splurge VS. Save so you can have alternate choices for that final decision you make about pieces you put in your wardrobe. I like to depict 1 look for 2 alternate prices.

Also, I’m a type 1 diabetic & wear a medical device (cgm- continuous glucose monitor) that helps me monitor my blood sugars & many people have no idea about that or my condition as i choose to dress to show it off if i so choose or hinder it depending on my comfort level.

We should always be given a choice in life. So with Afi Like Taffy i’m going to give you that alternative choice too.. Looking forward to letting you into my crazy little world. Please let me know what you think, if you have any questions or feedback!

Lovely, Jubbly

Afi Like Taffy A.L.T.