National #OOTD Day Summer TV Style Segment

National #OOTD Day Summer TV Style Segment

Oi Oi lovely jubblies I hope this post finds you & yours well? I’ve been brilliant, working mostly styling clients across the valley getting them ready for their summer holidays, product Co- ordinating for So Scottsdale Magazine & in between traveling & running my Style & Influencing businesses. I recently signed a 1 year contract with a diabetic brand partnership – a dream come true! 🙏🏾Lastly hubby & I just celebrated our 16th year married, can’t believe I’ve known my Zacko almost 2 decades!!

I was well chuffed to be asked to host a TV Style Segment on the local news show Arizona Midday (Channel 12) showcasing National OOTD Day, the meaning of OOTD & the history behind it in relation to the importance of Personal style. I jumped at the chance & got 2 weeks to plan the entire segment. Firstly I knew I wanted to find 4 models to represent the summer trends then look for a vendor to dress said models & lastly plan what I was going to say.

So I went to work & was lucky to partner with Ford Robert Black Agency who supplied me with 3 stunning models & with my gorgeous friend Tia, I had my 4 show Empresses. After finding the vendor I went to work deep diving into the summer trends & which 4 to choose from that would work together seamlessly on the telly. I decided on Pastels & Jewel Tones, mixing & matching prints, Tie Dye, colorful Sunnies, cropped embellished blazers, layered necklaces, mermaid-core, Puff Accessories & Sleeves, the bucket bag & platform heels. Shop the trends list HERE

Colorful sunnies Trend options

Next was a Scheduled a try -on with the models & I asked them to wear a few outfits & created content utilizing the time I had & eventually went with my top 4 Looks.

Pastels Bucket & puffy Bags Trends
Mermaid-Core Bag Trend
Outfit try-on’s & Model runway walk with Moriah, Tasi, Tia & Nicolette.

We met at the Channel 12 KPNX news studio in downtown Phoenix a day before to film the segment & were good to go!

Watch the Style File Tv Segment HERE

Tia is wearing the Tie Dye & cropped Embellished blazer Trend! Paired with colorful sunnies, statement earrings, layered necklaces & a pastel colored puff purse, she was good to go! Shop Tia’s entire outfit HERE

Outfit Details

Nicolette is wearing the 3 piece monochrome Suiting with transparent sleeves trend in this delicious Sage Green color . Paired with cut-out sunnies, statement earrings, a pastel colored bucket bag, she embodied this outfit! Shop Nicolette’s entire outfit HERE

Outfit Details

Moriah was repping the Barbie-Core Movie trend in this fun print on print, cut-outs puff bag trend! Loved mix & matching her statement earrings with the palm print dress! The green of her neon @smythe blazer & Jeffrey Campbell heels really pulled the entire look together! Shop her Entire Outfit HERE

Tasi ended the Segment wearing the Swimsuit look in the Boho mermaid- Core Trend! I loved the layered necklaces because who says you can’t wear jewelry during pool weather?! Paired with a lack of Colors flat straw hat, brown & gold 3 piece swimsuit, a fringed Kimono & sea inspired beach tote, she was ready to hit the pool! Shop the Outfit HERE

Outfit Details

The segment went brilliantly with those Empress Soldiers by my side! I’m not half as sweaty as I was when I started this journey a year ago 🤣 I sound more calmer on screen & with more practice I’ll get better! 😊 A big thank you to Tia, Nicolette, Moriah & Tasi, Arizona Midday Channel 12 news for the feature, Jennifer, Vanessa, Michaela & their entire team. Thank you to Ford Robert Black Agency, my mate Sheena Adams & mentor Angela Keller & thanking you all kindly for supporting & catching up with my tri- monthly posts, i appreciate you! For more frequent life & career updates, head to my Instagram @afiliketaffy Tik Tok @afiliketaffy or Facebook Page @afimaita 😍💋

From L-R Tasi, Moriah, Vanessa Ramirez (host), me, Nicolette, Tia.

Stay Safe & healthy friends, & catch you next time, Cheers & Best Wishes, 😍💋

Afi Maita/ Afi Like Taffy


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