Summer Shoot Series 2019

I’ve dropped the ball posting pictures not following through on my New Years resolution…go figure! So I devised a challenge to myself last June as I was traveling to 3 locations last summer why not have a photo shoot in each of them? Lake Tahoe for my in laws 50th wedding Anniversary, London to visit my family & friends & lastly Paris, France.

Working with a new Photographer called Nicole Davidson I was quiet nervous as I didn’t know what to expect but at our first meeting our energies just collided in the most uplifting way. With that my nerves just went out of the window so we picked 4 locations starting in Old Town Scottsdale.

For my makeup for this shoot as I wanted a more summer glow lifestyle look as I had attended a makeup class earlier in June lead by the Makeup Artist who did my Uptown magazine “Her Style” Photo Shoot look “Make Up Maria” so I had My Glam Team make up Artist Mimi Von Lace replicate it with golden eyes, nude lips & highlighter galore.

Firstly I needed more lifestyle pictures so images around Old Town scottsdale was ideal. We started shooting on the street right by some office buildings then went on to shoot in front of the fairly new restaurant called Snooze Eatery.

2 outfit changes later we’d accomplished the shots I needed.

Next we trespassed on an open office building that was currently being renovated….Here are some of the images Nicole took which I loved!✨

The last & final look was a picnic scene I’d found on Pinterest & recreated which screamed summer chic & femininity!! With the florals to the many shades of pink, I had so much fun purchasing the flowers, rose wine & cutting up the bread & cheese from my local Safeway & then using a Venetian tablecloth as the base to place all the items on…

This was the first of my Summer shoot series. The next location took me up to Lake Tahoe, Northern California for my in laws 50th wedding Anniversary weekend. We headed to Incline Village with all the pine trees & insane mountains & thus began the shoot.

I relied heavily on my husband Zacko & wanted nature shots in the middle of pine trees fields & on the beach by the actual lake.

Here are some of the images we took.

This was the most difficult shoot as we were relying on the elements. Also we only had a small amount of time to take pics  with our short visit celebrating the in laws golden Anniversary. I had my looks all pulled from Saloni with the pink floral dress, Zara with the green & white stripped dress & lastly a white fashion coverup by vitamin A & a red one piece swimming costume by Robin Piccone with cutouts which was great for holding my Type 1 diabetic supplies!

The next location took us to my hometown of London & unfortunately the photographer I had booked got ill & cancelled right before we were to arrive. Thank golly gumdrops I had a talented photographer in my hubby so we made the most out of our time there as tourists in my hometown!

Being lent sunglasses from the British Bespoke Brand Tom Davies (whom had customized glasses for Ed Sheeran the famous red haired musician) for my Paris photo shoot was an added bonus.

We started at the Eifffel Tower at 5am then headed to the Louvre & lastly a quintessentially Parisienne cafe across the street from the recently burnt down Norte Dame.

These shots were taken by my University friend Chen Sands @chensandsphotography whom a recent apartment owner in Paris still to date works with me editing all my images as I trust in her talent implicitly. You can see her magic! What a talent to behold I tell you!

Such an amazing shoots all around in 4 locations last summer & i’m so glad I got to experience them all before the viral pandemic that would occur in 2020.

Cheers for reading & ask any questions Lovies!

Cheers & Cheerio,

Afi Like Taffy ALT