Sangaah Jewelry Gift Guide!

Happy holidays friends!! I’m so excited to announce I’ve partnered with an Indian heirloom jewelry brand called Sangaah to create a holiday gift guide for you & your loved ones! I know when I go holiday shopping I can’t help finding things for myself, taking screenshots to send to hubby or family members or in some cases items just end up in my shopping basket!??‍♀️

Sangaah in Sanskrit means Community & that’s what this statement jewelry inspired by Indian culture embodies. Made for women by women this brand is about finding your people & support system. However, the juxtaposition of Sangaah is also about being bold, owning your own identity & being unapologetically YOU!! The inspiration of this women owned & operated business is the role of women in the Indian culture from warriors to Matriarchs.

When I first saw their pieces at the Frederick holiday Pop up shop in Phoenix, I fell in love & then meeting the owners Pooja & Amy & them sharing the story behind their brand made me a fan for life! I mean wait until you see their gorgeous pieces & with such intricate detailing at affordable prices means you get a bang for your buck!

Their delicious collections can be split into 4 so I’m going to guide you through them…

Durga Collection– a mix of hard & soft elements which Spikes are apparent. This Collection is inspired by the armor Goddess Durga when she was at war.

Wearing the newest addition Durga spiked Chandeliers Paired with the Durga choker + Pendant necklace
Durga spiked Chandeliers
Durga choker
Durga Pendant necklace

Jasmine Collection one of my favorite collections & inspired by one of the founders family heirloom jewelry, mixes feminine florals & edgy Chains & a modern spin on traditional South Indian jewelry.

I’m wearing my ultimate favorite piece Jasmine shoulder duster paired with the Kahsu rings

This is the perfect statement piece & addition to elevate any outfit & under $200.00 it’s a steal! In addition below I paired the Chamak Ear -Chain with the Jasmine shoulder duster for an eye catching look.

Chamak Ear -Chain +Jasmine shoulder Duster

Here are closeup views of both below.

Chamak Ear -Chain
Jasmine shoulder Duster

In Indian culture the Jasmine flower represents love & Purity & is often seen in wedding celebrations & adorned by women in their hair for its beautiful, natural scent.

I’m wearing another favorite piece Jasmine Drop

If your looking for more understated pieces try the Durga double stud for a little hint of something, see below.

Durga Double Stud
Close up view of the Durga Double Stud

Kahsu or coins represent good fortune, traditionally made in gold with engravings of Indian deity representing properity and good luck.

Kahsu collection

Sangaah owners loved the idea of coins heirloom passed down from one generation to the next and wanted to make their own version of this heirloom.

I love the intricate detailing of the Kahsu hoops that can be paired with a basic Tee & denim for a more causal look or more dressed up.
Wearing the Kahsu rings, Kahsu hoops, Kahsu choker, Kahsu bracelet+ Kahsu Anklet

For a more dramatic look I layered the entire Kahsu collection to match the pops of color of the exotic looking dress. I did the same with the next look but instead of wearing the Kahsu anklet as a bracelet I wore it the traditional way below.

Kahsu Anklet, Kahsu rings +Kahsu bracelet
Close up view of Kahsu hoops
Kahsu choker
Kahsu rings
Kahsu bracelet

Lastly, traditional Ear-chains which is common to South India, is typically worn by the matriach of the family. Over the years, designs of the earchains have evolved, leading people to wear it for special occasions.

Chamak Ear -Chain worn traditionally

Wearing the ear chains traditionally up above. I chose to wear it as an earring below & styled it in a more updated way of doubling it up.

Chamak Ear- Chain worn as earrings
Durga Ear-chain+Jasmine shoulder Duster
Close up view of Chamak Ear-Chain
Close up view of Durga Ear-chain
For a more minimalist look try the Classic Gold Ear- chain great for everyday.

As tis’ the season of giving I’m offering 15% off all your orders now until Christmas Eve, December 24th so use code AFI15 when you shop on the Sangaah website. In the words of Sangaah their pieces are steeped in tradition, yet designed to be bold and glamorous, all of their pieces are made to stand out in the crowd. Just like you!

Happy holidays Friends, wishing you all the best this season & a happy new year!

Photos taken by Rachel Fischer Visuals.

Cheers & Best Wishes, Afi Like Taffy