Arizona Daily Mix Spring/ Summer Trends Style TV Segment.

What an exhilarating experience being back at the Arizona Daily Mix Studio reporting on the Spring/ Summer Style Seasonal trends!

I was accepted back to AZTV7 with my stunning team of models with new addition, Summer! We nicknamed her Audrey as she was giving Audrey Hepburn Vibes as we got ready for our LIVE Tv segment backstage.

I knew I wanted strong colors as Spring is all about the celebration of New life so what better way to wake up the senses than with strong hues & with research & life experiences I selected my Haute Red Look. This orangey red monochrome look was fun to create in these all linen pieces, balanced with denim platforms, Printed Ghanaian bangles & Rad & Rae jewelry pieces on my lobes & neck, I was ready!

After deciding on trending themes I knew I wanted color as Ello have you met me??🤣 Then I went about selecting & creating looks for each of the models.

I wanted to treat them how I do my clients by creating a one of a kind experience helping them dress for their higher selves!

I outfitted each room based on my decided themes for the Tv segment including all accessories to match.

When the models went for their try on session I asked them to firstly guess which trend they’d be rocking on LIVE television then we began to play dress up!

One of the perks of my job is seeing the joy on people’s faces, the confidence that wearing the right fit & style for your body can do for your posture & just outward appearance. Glowing from the inside out.

And the models certainly did that after our fittings, we met at the Arizona Daily Mix studio on the day of filming Tina, Kiley, Tia & Summer all came down to help me roll & transport everything to the filming studio which almost had me in tears. I reigned it in as had to keep it professional but also I didn’t want to ruin my makeup!😊😂

Firstly I styled Tina showcasing the Elevated Suiting Trend with the fuchsia two piece suit, colorful blue sunnies, textured feathered bag & starlight Louboutin’s- very fantastical look & very right as Miss Lexy Romano- Co Host of Az Daily Mix called it on camera!

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Tina is a Professional Local Model, Follow her Instagram here

The stunning ladies were all ready to go & wore their glow from the inside out as you can see during the segment, slaying all their looks.

Secondly I styled Tia in the Denim on Denim, (nicknamed the Canadian Tuxedo) Sequins & Transparency Trends! Loved showcasing denim reimagined as this trend doesn’t have to follow the traditional denim top & bottom but it can be denim on denim in a shoe, a bag, a hair accessory etc. The transparent Sequins crop top was just everything as it gave off a mystical translucent effect when Tia moved in it. As we celebrate the new season in Sequins that see through crop top allowed the electric blue two piece worn to show through perfectly. Lastly the transparency of the 3D stacked heart heels was cosmic!

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Tia is an EHR Analyst as well as a Hair Influencer follow her on Instagram here

Next was summer whom I styled in the Romantic Ballet-core Trend with all shades of pink. Lovingly nicknamed after Audrey Hepburn due to her classic outfit with her blazer worn cape style (over the shoulder only cool people wear it like that!)🤣. This trend is the celebration of the dance culture of Ballet itself very soft & ethereal. The ballet flats were the perfect way to tie the romantic ballet core outfit all together.

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Summer is pursuing her masters in Fashion Studies, in NYC this Fall. Follow her on Instagram here

To end the segment I styled Kiley in the Acid Green & sequins trend. I just adored the striking color of the neon green cropped two piece jacket & skirt suiting with shoulder pads & a sequins trim. The piece de resistance was the translucent platform heels that was giving!

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Kiley is a professional Nail Artist who just opened up her Nail Salon in Arizona called Tonez Nails. Kiley created my Nail Artistry for the Tv Segment. Follow her on Instagram here

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With hosts of channel 7, Az Midday Show Brad Perry & Lexy Romano

In addition I am now the product coordinator for So scottsdale Magazine which is so Exciting! My first article for April 2023 just released & I coordinated pages in Allure, Dwell Shop & Fashion. Read the So Scottsdale April 2023 issue here. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to get regular updates on my Life & career here. Lastly watch my Arizona Daily Mix Live Summer Style Tv segment here.

Arizona Daily Mix Spring/ Summer Trends Style TV Segment.

Until next time, Stay safe & healthy friends, cheers & cheerio, 😍💋

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