Ello Lovies!!! A few weeks ago I was honored to be invited by my friend, Blogger & fellow Type 1 Diabectic Paloma @glitterglucose to a local event called Blogsgiving hosted by 2 local Bloggers Josie @hellosilhouette & Mer @SheForksPhx held at Sip Coffee & Beer Garage in Phoenix. These two fun & gracious co-hosts put together a social haven for us local Bloggers to get together, network & enjoy some amazing Thanksgiving themed food with a great Dj!??

It was delightful, literally a gathering of friends with like minds. Josie & Mer spoke about how exponentially the attendance of Blogsgiving had grown from just last year to what it was now- almost 50 more people!!??

They provided delicious turkey sandwiches with stuffing, cranberry sauce, salad, Mac & cheese (my favorite?) and for dessert their piece de resistance seasonal bread pudding. Yummy doesn’t begin to cover it & let’s not talk about their customized cocktail, Cheers!?

There were also 2 guest speakers, the first the Co-owner of Sip & Beer Garage who spoke of the importance of local businesses & his history. The second speaker, Quinn Tempest a Designer & Digital Strategist @quinn.tempest had such inspiring words to say & is just an inspiration in general.

I never knew there were so many Bloggers in Arizona & to have them all in one place & be so kind & willing to uplift each other was indeed a dream come true! Here is a pic of some of the sweet souls I met & look forward to hopefully forming alliances with in the future… from left to right we have Anica @nicarose, Avi @AlwaysAvi, Becca @bbooks, Chaila @Chailajo, Allyssa @simplyallyssa, myself & lastly Lauren @lipglossandliving.

Overall a joyous occasion & one I look forward to attending next year & the years to come. Cheers indeed Josie & Merr I’ll forever remember November 14th 2017 as the year I made many new friends & was accepted into the Bloggers circle.

Catch you next time Lovies!

Cheers & Best Wishes,

Afi Like Taffy A.L.T